Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We're off to see the wizard

Ok, maybe not the wizard, but at least a couple of doctors. We're taking Perrin to see a new psychiatrist today, where hopefully, we'll walk away with a prescription that will help him find some middle ground. Afterwards, I've got an appointment because, sad but true, I am allergic to the kitten. I've been allergic to grass, trees, plants, flowers, etc most of my life, but never animals. They say allergies can develop suddenly. Hopefully, we'll find an allergy med that will cover ALL of it.

Fenris is being ORNERY this morning. I woke to find him climbing our drapes in the living room. And by drapes, what I really mean is those pretty burgundy sheers in the pictures. They're certainly not going to hold his weight for long. We have a prism hanging from a string from the curtain rod as well...which he has been batting at. The problem is, it's pretty heavy, and I'm afraid it will go through the window. Ugh. Time to think about redecorating, huh? I found a stronger lid for the gerbil cage - one that ought to hold the weight of the cat without me having to worry about it caving in. I'd hate to wake up to discover that my smallest pets have become kitty snacks.

Tai and I bought each other a couple of CDs for Valentine's Day. I also bought him a book, and he bought me bath fizzies. We exchanged those over the weekend. And THEN, on Valentine's Day itself, Tai brought me roses and chocolates, too. Wasn't that sweet?

All three kids have been pains in the rump since Sunday. For some reason, they all decided to stop following directions. At. The. Same. Time. Shouldn't they know by now that that is a LOUSY idea? Shouldn't they know that Mom and Dad will lose it if they gang up on us like that? Shouldn't they know we can only really handle two of them being complete pains at a time? LOL Oh well. We're thinking about paying them back by having polish sausage and saur kraut for dinner. *evil grin*