Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Time for a makeover...and other odds and ends.

Yes, just past the year mark, I decided it was time for yet another new makeover. What do you think?

Darcy has been totally obsessed with death today. She's asking me when she's going to die, does it hurt to die, and what does it feel like to be died (died, not dead...cute)? LOL I told her I had no idea, I've never been dead!

I'm pretty sure my bunny is sick. He's got diarrhea. It's not constant, but he's never had it before. And I don't think he ate anything yesterday. I'm not sure what to do about it. I've added oatmeal to his food, but he doesn't seem to be too interested in it. I'm getting worried. I don't know if he's ill due to some bug that he's caught, or if it's the stress of having the kitten in the house. They appear to get along pretty ok, but I do think he's a bit jealous. Maybe it's just a hunger strike, and he'll get over it on his own.