Monday, February 28, 2005


There. Is. No. Snow. On. The. Ground. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Keep that in mind as I tell you this: School was cancelled AGAIN today. Yes, another snow day. Without snow! Arghhhh! They cancelled it because we are supposed to get snow. School was cancelled on a possibility of snow.

Granted, we are supposed to get a whopping 4-8 inches. Maybe even 10. But the thing is? It's not snowing yet!!! I understand the powers that be in the school system are overly cautious individuals. They want to make sure the kids are safe. They want to make sure that the roads are safe to travel on both to and from school, etc. But I'm thinking...there is NO FREAKIN SNOW on the ground! Or in the air!! They could have had school this morning, and maybe sent the kids home early. They could have even planned an early dismissal. But no. They had to give us another snow day.

Last week, the kids were off for Presidents' Day on Monday. They went to school Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday? Another snow day. Friday? Another snow day...without snow. *sigh* So this is day five of our weekend. And I don't expect them to go back tomorrow, because there should actually be snow on the ground.

I told Tai last night that if they cancelled school today, I was gonna go on strike. He could just tell his superiors at work that his wife was on strike, and he'd have to take the day off. I guess it doesn't work like that in the military, cuz where is he? At work. LOL