Saturday, February 05, 2005


Perrin and Darcy's biological mom asked me to write up a list of all of the books the kids have. I don't think she realized what she was asking. Counting only the ones on the bookshelf, there were three hundred thirteen titles. Three hundred thirteen! That's a lotta books! And I *know* there are others spread throughout the house that didn't get counted! I can think of a set of ten books that weren't on the shelf (but damned if I know where to find 'em!). So that's at least three hundred twenty three. And I can think of at least two or three OTHER books that are laying around here somewhere, too. Three hundred twenty five children's books! I'm thinking we should start a library.

The scary thing is, I *gave away* all of Alex's picture books when he outgrew them. And I'm certain that I gave away nearly as many as we have on the shelf tonight. And Perrin has destroyed countless numbers since last October. And when we moved in August, I threw out a bunch of the books that were getting ratty. If we'd kept all of the books that I gave away, plus had all of the books Perrin destroyed, plus had all of the ones that I threw out...we'd probably have close to eight or nine hundred kids books. I didn't even realize there were that many kids books out there! Let alone in my home! Dayum.

We're not big into reading, are we?