Tuesday, January 04, 2005

We've got an attic!

Ok, so this is a new revelation all over again. We've had one since we got here - it's not like we added it recently, or like Santa Claus brought us one for Christmas. But it's not something we look at too often or anything. Let me tell you...it sure is coming in handy whenever we do remember it.

Do you remember me complaining about all of those big plastic tubs when we moved here? We must have 30 or 40 of them. These are the huge kind - the kind that I can barely grab the handles of because they are so wide. These are the kind two of my kids could live in - comfortably. Yeah. Those. In the apartment, we had to store them (one inside another) in two different 9 foot wide closets.

We don't have to use up the kids' closets anymore just to store the tubs!! Why? Because we have an attic!

We can also store the summer clothes in the attic (coincidentally, inside a couple of those huge plastic tubs)! We can store our Christmas decorations and the fake Christmas tree in the attic! This is so awesome!

Since being an adult, this is the first time I've ever had storage space of any kind. Really. The first time. I've always lived in apartments (hmmm...and a townhouse once) with just the amount of space my family needed to live. No extra rooms. No extra storage space. No extras, until now. Not only do we have the attic to store things in, we have the space under the basement stairs, too, to cram stuff. And not only that, but we also have an extra room for the kids to use as a playroom. And that extra room is something like 500 square feet.

So really, when we moved here, we gained that 500 square feet, outright...plus a helluva lot of extra space for us to live and play. Room that, elsewhere, we would have had to use to store our crap. I didn't realize what a deal we were really getting.