Saturday, January 15, 2005

Watch whatcha put in the cart!

We've been shopping a bit lately. In fact, we shopped until we dropped yesterday. (It's rather nice to be able to go to the store with three grown-ups [or at least people over 18] and one kid!) The funny thing about shopping with my mother-in-law, though, is this. It doesn't matter what it is. If it went in the cart, she's paying for it. I figured if we were gonna be at KMart or Walmart anyway, I'd pick up some of our normal paper towels and the like. Ok fine. Except she insisted on paying for it all. Including a silly $10 gadget that hangs our mops and brooms on the wall. Oh, and I'd wanted to get some sort of border for Darcy's room. She paid for that, too. *sigh*

In fact, Darcy got just a WEE bit spoiled. New leotard, tights, tutu, dancing slippers, pants to go over her leotard, 2 1/4 yards of fleece that happened to match her comforter and drapes (?!?), a fuzzy, furry, bright green rug for her bedroom, the wallpaper border stuff, and pretty pink ribbony things to go in her hair. And that might not be all. I think Gramma likes having a granddaughter, but man...

After that? She gave Alex a collection of balls she'd found over the last who knows how many years for his BIRTHDAY. And we're talking a koosh ball that some 5th grader choked on, a Barbie ball she found on the street, 25 cent bouncy balls, etc. Thirty of them. Thirty dirty yucky balls she'd found (one of which was found in the back of a boy's throat - EW!). WTF?!

How am I supposed to explain this woman to my boys?