Thursday, January 06, 2005


Thought I'd pop in and say...I just don't have anything to say! you never thought you'd see THAT day, huh?

Let's see. I could tell you that my husband makes funny sound effects in the shower (only when I'm in there, too. I think, anyway!). Oh, and when he's brushing his teeth, too. It's just plum adorable!

I could tell you that I saw my four-year-old daughter use "quote marks" while talking yesterday. "AHEM! Mommmmaaaa! You called me [finger quote marks] Darcy [Stop finger quote marks] instead of [finger quote marks] Strawberry Shortcake [Stop finger quote marks] AGAIN!!!" Great to have a 4yo with attitude, huh?

I could tell you that I'm excited that my comment screen looks different now. I had always figured people PAID to have theirs changed, and darned if I was gonna pay for a comments thingie. But no! I figured out today that you can change it for nothin'! That's good stuff!

I could also tell you that I'm up to feeding six or seven squirrels by hand at my backdoor. One of them grabbed my finger yesterday in an attempt to steady himself. I don't think he realized it. It was funny as hell - but cute. I was holding a squirrel's hand!

Oh, I could also tell y'all thanks. :) I have done a crappy job lately of responding to the comments you all leave me. So thanks for the kind words about my new look, etc! Oh, and happy new year to you. And I hope your life is more wonderful this year than last. And all that jazz. ;o)