Friday, January 07, 2005

Pissy Momma

Oh, I'm not a happy camper. I'm really kinda...pissy. Mainly because piss is exactly what I've had my hands in for the last half an hour as I scrubbed the carpet.

Remember my beautiful bunny, Felix?

Such a handsome little guy. I got him for Mother's Day, and he's a great pet. Except for one thing. See, it used to be that he would poop in one spot on the floor when we let him out to play. (If you don't know it, bunny poop is hard and odorless, so it's easy to clean up.) And he never, ever, ever peed on the carpet. He always used his litter box - he would WAIT until he was put back in his cage. And then we moved.

Now he pees all along one wall of our dining room (of all rooms!) And bunny pee is very concentrated - dark and smelly. It's nothing at all like bunny poop. I'm not happy.

It could be that he's just matured and spraying is his thing now. Or maybe there were other animals that lived here before, or something, and he can smell where THEY maybe he feels the need to mark his territory. Over and over and over every darn night. I dunno.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Suggesting that we eat my pet bunny for dinner will result in my kicking you in the shins...just to letcha know.)