Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's Catching

It's contagious. Blogging, I mean. It looks like my dad started a blog on Friday. Why not? Everybody ought to have one!

In other news, we're getting snow. And snow. And snow. All in all, we probably have 3 or 4 inches, which doesn't seem like much. I mean, really...I come from Illinois where snow is a pretty common occurance. A few inches at a time, a few feet at a time...whatever. But I'm not IN Illinois, anymore. I'm in Virginia. It's snowed once this winter until today - two inches or so - which melted the next day. But we got more today, and we're under a winter storm warning until tomorrow morning which promises between five and nine inches total. That ought to be fun.

Especially since people around here CANNOT DRIVE in the snow. Oy!

Oooh, I went sledding today. I went down the hill once, and then got snow UP my pantlegs, and I was done for. LOL Oh well. I tried!