Monday, December 20, 2004

Oh the advantages!

Oh the advantages of having a wireless network and a laptop! On a day when it's just freeeeeeezing, I can snuggle up on the couch with my laptop and my heated throw, blog, and be in heaven. Or at least be moderately warm.

I checked Weatherbug this morning and guess what I discovered? While it was only 8.9 degrees outside, the wind chill was measuring in at a whopping 65,531 degrees! Somehow, I think their system was just a LITTLE off! I checked with, The Weather Channel and it let me know that the wind chill was actually -6 degrees. That sounds more reasonable. LOL

This weekend, we took the little ones to go see Santa. I figured this was the last year Perrin would maybe believe in him, and once he finds out, Darcy will know, too. So off to the mall we went, so we could stand in a nice long line and try to keep track of all three kids. Yay. It actually went surprisingly well. We didn't order professional pictures, but we did have Alex take pictures of the other two kids with Santa - I haven't put them on the computer yet, so I don't know how those turned out.

We also went out to eat Friday night at IHOP. I was amazed - the kids did great. I'll have to do a post here soon on why that is surprising, and why it's a big deal. Many of my new readers probably have NO clue...

Anyhow, I'm gonna put down the laptop and snuggle down into this heated throw with a new book.