Friday, November 05, 2004

Remember that Rice Crispie Treat commercial?

The one where the mom bangs together pots and pans, and then throws flour all over herself and the kitchen? Well that's me. I'm covered in flour. So is everything else.

I'm not making yummy dessert, though...I'm making egg noodles. For chicken noodle soup. The homemade variety. Because Tai is sick, the kids are sick, and I'm sick. Tai is the only one who is sick enough to skip work (school in the case of the kids). I would stay home from work today if I could, but, well, seeing as how home IS my work...yeah.

So anyhow, I'm making chicken noodle soup, and the sickest of us all isn't going to appreciate it. Tai doesn't care for it. *le sigh* Oh well. He'll live through it.

What I hadn't counted on was how difficult it would be to actually make the noodles while being ill myself. All of that stirring, then kneeding, then rolling. Oh, the rolling! And I remembered that I had told a neighbor that the next time I made noodles, I'd make her some too. So I made a big batch. The kind of batch that starts out with EIGHT cups of flour. Yeah. Eight. That's a lot of freakin' rolling. Now they're drying on the table.

I put the chicken in a few minutes ago. And yes, this time I made certain I turned on the stove. And the right burner. LOL

Time for a rest before the chopping of the green onions, carrots, and celery. Thank god.