Monday, November 22, 2004

The hold music is wonderful...

Gotta love the military health care system. I got my referral for a plastic surgery consult just fine. But the phone number they gave me to call to make an appointment? They don't do appointments for Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery makes their own. Ok, no biggie. Except the first five women at the appointment line I spoke with said that they needed to know which facility my referral was for. And nobody told me which facility I would be going I called the Health Care Liaison (multiple times) to see if they could tell me. No answer. No call back. Fine. I called the clinic and left a message for the doctor. Surprisingly, a nurse called back after less than half an hour - the referral was to a "MTF" - Military Treatment Facility. Which means nobody specific. But the last five times I'd called the appointment line, they'd wanted me to give them a specific facility. Ugh. I tried them one more time, and guess what? She said, "Oh, no problem. I'll transfer you to Plastic Surgery." Why couldn't the first five do that?!?!? Argh!

Spoke with Plastic Surgery this morning...their system is down. They can't make any appointments. Can I call back later? *pulls hair out*