Monday, November 01, 2004

The Accident that Almost Happened

The other day I was driving home from Walmart when I saw something for the first time. Now, whether or not I'd just been blind to seeing this before, or if I just hadn't had the occasion to see it is irrelevant.

I saw a Bush & Cheney bumper sticker. As in a sticker SUPPORTING them. I was so shocked, I nearly rear-ended the idiots. It would have never occurred to me in a MILLION YEARS that ANYONE might actually SUPPORT Bush. Never!

I guess I'd just plain given the American public the benefit of the doubt - people who were going to vote for Bush simply didn't know any better. I guess I figured they weren't exactly SUPPORTING him so much as voting for him simply because, well, he started out with 50 states, and he's ending his four years with 50 states, so he can't be doing that bad.

I had never dreamed that people here in America were stupid enough to AGREE with him. That people thought, "Hey! Taking away people's rights is cool! Yeah! I'll stand behind that!" That people actually think it's ok to lie, and despite being presented with evidence to the contrary, continue to insist that he's right. People actually think that his attitude of "I've got the ball, and I'm gonna run with it, despite the fact that I don't know which way is our goal line..." is better than standing still and getting oriented before taking off.

I suppose maybe strict party loyalty could be to blame - though that doesn't bode well for the intelligence of the supporters either. Anyone who would choose to be blind to reality simply to remain loyal to their party doesn't have two brain cells to rub together.

Don't forget when you head out to vote, tomorrow is National Celibacy Day: No Bush and no Dick. You might manage to keep ahold of your rights that way.