Saturday, October 09, 2004

one two THREE

In the last year, I've counted to three more times than, well, probably my entire life until that point. Three cups, three bowls, three spoons. Three sets of clean sheets. three pairs of clean socks, three pairs of shoes. Three toothbrushes, three scrubbies, three bottles of shampoo. Three, three, three!

I didn't realize until just now how THREE has taken over my life. As I glanced at the wall, I noticed three 8x10 pictures...and three 5x7 pictures. Then the next wall - 3 more 8x10s. The next wall, yet three more 8x10s. In the dining room? three mirrors.

Everything in my house seems to come in threes now that I have three kids...especially the number of seconds between one "Mommy!" and the next.