Thursday, October 07, 2004

First experience (again) and school portraits

I saw the doctor for the first time (again) at a military treatment facility. It went quite well - I was quite pleased with my doctor. He asked me what has worked in the past for me, and I told him guaifenisen (sp?). He responds with, "Ok, would you like that with or without Sudafed?" My kind of doc!

The boys had their portraits taken at school...they are not nearly as nice as last year's Let's just say I don't think either of them are worthy of hanging on the wall, but they'll be good for a laugh a few years down the road! Alex had just lost two teeth, and he didn't want to smile with his teeth (or lack thereof) showing. Perrin? Well...I'm not quite sure WHAT he was thinking. I guess he was trying very hard to smile. A bit too hard, maybe! Anyhow, here they are: