Thursday, October 21, 2004

Enough of No News is Good News

Have I told you all about my new washing machine? It's fabulous! It holds about twice the capacity of the old one...which means I can do a "full load" of regular laundry and *then* toss in a sleeping bag on top of it. (I may just have to buy bigger laundry baskets, now!) It has a fabric softener dispenser *and* a bleach dispenser. It works with just hot or just cold water, too! (That was the reason for my complaint to the landlords about the old one.) Thank You Landlords!

Again I have to say my landlords are awesome - they sent a plumber out right away when they discovered that our garbage disposal wasn't working. Yay Landlords! I felt rather silly when I realized that it was just a circuit breaker that caused the disposal not to work, but hey, who expects a garbage disposal to be on its own breaker? Certainly not I!

Ok, so that may not be as exciting to my readers as it is to me. But hey, I'm a stay at home mom. I've gotta get excited about *something*!

I've also lost five pounds in the last couple of weeks. Woohoo! I'd like to lose a few more before the year is out. Five pounds every two weeks until the end of the year sounds just about right! LOL Don't get me wrong - I'm within the acceptable weight-range for my height...I'd just like to be somewhere toward the bottom of the said range rather than the top!

More good news: It's officially been over a month and a half since I started getting my afternoon naps back. I can't tell you how much I missed my naps while the boys' were out of school for the summer! Napping is my specialty, you know.

I finally got around to getting a Virginia driver's license last week. Well, I didn't have much choice, really. My Illinois license was due to expire on the 23rd anyway. The terrific part is - my picture doesn't totally suck! My picture on my IL license looked as though I'd been up puking for three weeks straight before having my picture taken. This picture is SOOOO MUCH better! And I only lied about my weight by 6 pounds...and NOW it's only 3 pounds. I'm jazzed. Not that it matters, because though I had to fill out my weight on the form, they don't put it on the license itself anyhow.

My parents (ok, well, Mom didn't know about it until it was ordered) bought me a DVD burner for my birthday. It's awesome. Particularly when combined with Netflix. Shhhhh, don't tell! I've been whipping out Christmas presents left and right for the last two days. I love it when I have something *other* than housework to keep me occupied and out of trouble!

I think the last of my good news is that Tai found the charger for my electric razor. Oh how I've missed my electric razor since we moved here! I've been forced to actually sit down in the bathtub with an old fashioned razor to shave my legs. Ohhhh how I longed for that charger to be found! And Tai, my hero, found it earlier this week. He's so awesome.