Friday, September 17, 2004

A visit from Ivan

Yep, we finally had a visitor - Ivan brought a couple of tornadoes and quite a bit of rain our way. The tornadoes even touched down just outside of town, but as far as I've heard, there wasn't any real damage. Certainly none here, except to the spider's web out back...which is ok with me, because it was built using my backdoor. So this means I can go outside on my deck now. LOL

Today was Darcy's 4th birthday. We got a huge smile and a, "Thank you! This is the best birthday ever!" from her when we gave her the bicycle. :) Doesn't get better than that. Too bad the weather was so yucky - she only got to ride it for a few minutes.

Not much else is going on around here. The kids are in bed, and Tai is at the movies. I'm left to my own devices for another hour or so. I'm trying to get up the motivation to do the supper dishes, but the flu is still kicking my ass.