Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm Freeeeeee!!!! (Mostly.)

The boys started school this morning, and surprise of surprises, the bus was right on time! Yay! I'm free! Free of the arguing, fighting, bickering! For seven hours! Woohoo! Party time! I think Darcy and I will celebrate with cookies. *grin*

I decided I needed a new look for my first day of freedom, so I dyed my hair last night. It's bright - and I mean bright - vibrant red. Called "Cardinal" red. It's not actually cardinal (read stopsign) red, but it certainly isn't a color you see too often on hair in nature. I love it! (I'm sure, though, my grandmother is turning over in her grave - she always hated it when I dyed my hair red.) Come to think of it, most of my family doesn't care for it when I color my hair red, but, hey, there are advantages to living 850+ miles from home. ;-) Tai didn't seem to mind it. That's the important part.

So I'm bound and determined to unpack at least a few tubs and free up some space in my dining room. (Have I mentioned, at all, that I hate moving?) And get some laundry done. And maybe even do some housecleaning in the basement. The kids have made a disaster of it already. It seems that I spent the whole summer trying not to get the boys to kill each other, and the house always went by the wayside. Time for that to change. I'm motivated. I'm ready to tackle it now.