Monday, September 27, 2004

An Exciting Opportunity, Home Alone, the Hu-Giganti-Mongous Trash Can, and Other Odds and Ends

Have I mentioned on here that a well-known author/creator wants my husband to illustrate as much of his next book/project as he is interested in illustrating? I'm so excited that Tai has this opportunity. ~I~ knew he was talented - now the rest of the world may just well get their chance to see it!

Tai is on 24 hour duty - which sucks, except that I get to sprawl out over the entire bed - as I do every night, but with a bonus - without laying on top of bumpy knees and elbows. LOL Unfortunately, it means I can't cuddle with my sweetheart. I can't go, "Hey, look at this spider and what it is doing!" I can't say, "The kids are driving me NUTS, would you deal with this?" And I can't curl up in his arms and watch a movie.

I know, I know. I should count my blessings. At least he's only gone for one day, and not for months, or even a year. And he's safe. He's not off at war or anything. But hey, we've only been married a month and a half. Let me wallow in my selfishness here for a minute.

We got our new garbage can from the trash pickup service today. It is HUGE. GIGANTIC. HUMONGOUS. ENORMOUS. I could fit all three kids in it, no problem. (Not that I've been thinking about that, of course! *wink, wink*) Maybe even Tai and I could climb in, if we felt like being cozy. It's 2 1/2 feet wide, 2 1/2 feet deep, and it's chest high. Chest high to ME. And I'm 5'8". And it does not fit through our back door. This totally sucks. Trash is picked up twice a week. I pity any family that makes enough garbage to fill this sucker up twice a week. We also got a new recycling bin - yes, we recycle - and it's smaller than the one we've been using. And the one we've been using hasn't been big enough. Oh well. We'll just use both!

In other news, we're fairly certain that the praying mantis that has been living in my plants/our bush by the front porch is going to lay eggs soon. Her tummy has gotten pretty darn big the last few days. There's already an egg sack in the bush, and another one in a different bush...probably a mantis', but if it is, it's likely a different kind. We have seen two different praying mantis here, so it's possible.

Let's see...what else is going on? Not much...I'm off for a nap!