Saturday, August 28, 2004

So they didn't do it...

No, they haven't yet turned off my cable, so now I can happily sit here, blog, and be in complete denial that today is moving day. Moving day? You mean that's OUR big Budget truck outside? Parked right there by the stairs (thank God that parking space was free!)?

Yes, now is the time of judgement. Today we see whether or not my "I think I can!" attitude or my "I know there's no way I can get this done!" attitude won. Today we will find out just how much stuff I didn't get packed, and find out whether or not it will all fit into the four remaining empty tubs. Wish us luck!

Oh, on another note, the kid-pick-up went without a hitch, yesterday. Tai's ex came by at not quite 4:00, and it was mostly all smiles. Though I am afraid that the kids are going to break her. LOL