Sunday, August 08, 2004

Pet Tales

I've been meaning to write a post about our pets - even took a picture to show them off. But then yesterday happened, and now my happy pet post has turned sour. But let us start off with a picture of the main characters of the post:

Oh, yesterday was not a good day for our pets. It just wasn't.

First, let me explain that I bought a really cool small animal playpen (see picture) for the gerbils. It's great. Set it up on the floor, throw a wheel in the middle, and they get some space to run around and exercise. Squiggy (the orange one) had figured out how to get out of his ball, so we couldn't let them out like that anymore. So I bought the playpen.

Yesterday afternoon, the gerbils were happily playing in their playpen. The kids were supposed to be in their bedrooms playing, and Tai and I were in our room. Suddenly, we heard D screaming bloody murder. She'd been in the living room and gotten bit by Lenny. Blood was pouring out of her hand - he got her pretty good. Very strange, considering the gerbils never do more than nip at us, even when they're pissed. But let me tell you - Lenny had a good reason for biting her. She'd broken one of his hind legs.

As we were doctoring her up, and putting the gerbils back in their cage, our company arrived. Not only the two friends we'd invited, but two of their friends, plus their male bunny. We finished up with D, made our introductions, and then promptly went to search online about what could be done for poor broken-legged-Lenny. Turns out, as long as there are no bones protruding, they say, basically, don't worry about it. No advice at all for pain relief or anything. =o(

Then we decided to let Felix (our bunny) and Chibi (their bunny) out to play. They've visited with one another before, and they didn't have a problem with it. But they certainly did yesterday! First thing, Chibi decided to attack poor little Felix!! My poor, cuddly, little, sweet bunny was attacked by a mean, vicious, flying, ninja bunny! Seriously, their bunny's disposition isn't anything like Felix's. He hasn't had as much cuddle time, I think, is the problem. We were able to separate the bunnies fairly quickly, and Chibi was unscathed. Felix, however, now has a rather noticeable chunk of hair missing from his forehead. *sigh*

We put their cages beside each other while we went for a walk in the woods. Once we got home, keeping a close eye on them, we let them both out again. This time, they were much more amicable.

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Anonymous said...

I think D was just trying to get a snack... you know how she likes meat.