Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Everyone ate dinner. They all ate everything on their plates! (Ok, except for the pasta salad, which I only wanted them to try, anyway.) Holy cow. I gotta mark this day down on the calendar. Not only that, but the kids didn't drive me insane today. Not that I got much packing done - had quite a headache - but I did get caught up on the laundry. S'ok...Tai needed a night off from moving tubs, anyway. Besides, we've got two more whole days to work on it. Two Whole Days. Plenty of time! *cough, cough*

We're expecting Perrin and Darcy's biomom on Friday. She's taking them for a long weekend. It's nice that they'll not be underfoot while we're moving furniture, etc, but I'll still miss them. Cross your fingers that everything goes well.

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kate said...

The new place looks great! Good luck getting everything done on time!