Sunday, August 22, 2004

Inviting the ants for dinner

It couldn't have been more perfect. There we were, at the new house, Tai mowing the lawn, the kids playing with the neighbor's adorable puppy, and what should drive down our road? An icecream truck! An honest to goodness icecream truck! I haven't seen one of those in probably 15 years or more. So even though the kids had been rotten all day (all week, really), I rushed over to get them icecream. Because I'm betting they'd never had icecream from an icecream truck before! And, well, that's just something all kids should experience, right?

We went to Home Depot and Lowes yesterday in search of a manual reel mower. You know the gas needed, all human-powered? We found one, thankfully. It would have been silly to buy a "real" lawn mower - the grass that you see in the picture from the other day is just about all the grass we have. But we are responsible for mowing it. I considered just handing the kids scissors and telling them to go cut the lawn - figured it might keep them busy for a while. But then I remembered our rule - they're only allowed to cut paper. LOL Can't change that rule to include grass, or they may think it's completely been thrown out the window, and that would mean that Darcy's hair was fair game!

We only moved one car-load of stuff over yesterday. We were trying to be nice to the kids - took 'em to McDonald's playland to burn off some energy, since they'd been cooped up in the apartment most of the week. It didn't help. They were just as whiney, fussy, and argumentative as ever. It hasn't been a fun week with them. :( I hate rain.

We also decided to fog the house for ants. Though after speaking with our (very nice) new neighbor, it may be all for naught. I guess ants are a bit of a problem in the area. Rather logical, considering the townhouses back to trees. I'll have to do some reading up on ants. Seems to me that there are certain herbs and spices that they don't like that I can plant or sprinkle near entry points to help discourage them from trying to join my family for dinner. (I just suddenly pictures myself laying out a miniature table and chairs, with little tiny plates and forks and spoons...oy!)

Hey - does anyone know how I can add smileys to my blog? Anyone at all? I really miss smileys. Any help at all would be appreciated! *bats eyelashes*

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The Spirit said...

Been reading your pages for a while and just thought I'd point you in this direction. Smilies are available but you need to take a look here:

Meg: said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

Angela said...

Oh I love the ice cream truck!! :D That's awesome that yall have one there!!
See, isn't moving great!? :D LOL
Wish I could help with the smilies but I don't know "Blogger". :( GOOD LUCK THOUGH!

PS I LOVE your hardwood floors!! Great pics!