Monday, July 12, 2004

And here we are...

We made it! Woohoo! We have completed the second leg of our journey, and are back in Illinois. Woohoo! Monical's Pizza, here I come!

The drive to WI turned out to be pretty darn decent. Who knew that we could go nearly 40 hours without sleep at our age? LOL - yes, we drove straight through, starting at about 9:00 Thursday night. Showed up on their doorstep sometime around 3:30, I think, on Friday. All in all, the kids were pretty terrific in the car.

We had a fabulous time with Tai's family. They treated the kids (ok, us, too) to horseback riding followed by McDonald's on Saturday morning. That afternoon, they took Tai aside, put some money in his hand, told him that he was taking me to the movies (and buying popcorn), and gave him directions to the theater. LOL They took the kids to the park, meanwhile. We had a nice little cookout that evening as well. I would say we have been spoiled!

We took off Sunday morning around 11:30, and arrived in Canton sometime around 7:00. A rather long drive, and the kids weren't quite so well behaved. But after getting here and tossing them in the pool, things started to look up. AND I got my Monical's!

That's about it for now. I'll try to add more within a few days.

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