Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Tooth Fairy rises again!

It's been a couple of years now that A has known that I am the Tooth Fairy. But last night, P lost his first tooth, so the Tooth Fairy had to be resurrected. It was rather amusing - he had an interesting misconception. He thought that the Tooth Fairy TURNED his tooth INTO money. He told me he was afraid of that. LOL I had to explain to him that she does not, in fact magically turn his tooth into money, but that she trades his tooth for money. *shakes head*

The kids have been generally rotten the last couple of days. At least A and D have been. P has been relatively good. On our way home from Ikea (God bless Ikea!) today, D was particularly whiney. I leaned over and asked P..."How much do you think the tooth fairy would give you for your sister, if you put HER under your pillow? Just think of all the teeth SHE has!" Teehee!

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