Wednesday, May 05, 2004

This may look a lot like an advertisement

On Wednesday, April 27, we signed up for Netflix, and we picked out our first few movies. Thursday, the movies were mailed to us, and we received them on Friday. Over the weekend, we watched them, and on Monday we put them in our mailbox. (Our mail isn't picked up until 4PM.) Tuesday, first thing in the morning, I received an email from Netflix saying that they'd gotten the movies back, and the next ones were on the way. We got the DVDs this afternoon. This turnaround time is awesome. At this rate, we will be able to rent more movies through the mail than we would be able to do if we went to the video store. And it gives both Tai and I the chance to pick movies out. I think right now, we have 50 movies in our queue (that we can prioritize at any time), so even if we don't take the time to go back to the site for a while, as long as we send movies back to them, we'll be getting more in the mail! I'm really, really digging this system.

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