Thursday, May 27, 2004

Stuff & Junk

Tai and I have been sick for the last couple of days. Some flu bug snuck in and bit us in the middle of the night, and we woke up feeling YUCKY the other morning. He went back to work today, though I haven't heard from him, so I'm not sure if he feels any better. I woke up feeling a little better. A vast improvement over yesterday's not waking up at all until more than 2 hours after my alarm had gone off (which I followed by a 4 hour nap in the afternoon)! So far, the kids seem to be doing ok. D did wake up with a coughing fit in the middle of the night, so she might be catching it.

We let A stay up to watch American Idol last night. He asked, and I said yes, figuring it would be over at 9:00, not 10:00. Oops. This is the first interest he's really shown in pop culture. Not the best influence, I'm sure, but far from the worst. It was rather amusing to watch his reactions to it all. I think he was rooting for Dianna. Oh well.

That's about all that is going on here.

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