Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Feeling political again

I haven't mentioned my TAKE ACTION page recently, and I'm feeling guilty about it. We are hearing more and more in the news about how President Bush is trying to make 2nd class citizens out of gays, and I'm sick of it. How dare he say all men are created equal except gays? Not too long ago it was African Americans. Before that, it was women. Either we are all equal or we are not. We can't allow the Constitution to be amended to include discrimination. What will they take away next? The right to vote? Once we allow legal discrimination into the very fabric of our society, who is to say which group will come next?! What other rights will they take away? Where will they draw the line? Once they start taking away rights, where will they stop? This particular issue may not affect you NOW, but what about in the future? What group of people are you a part of that they might decide to discriminate against?

For a country that has done its best to fight discrimination for years, we sure are taking a giant leap backwards.

Check out that link above. Explore the site. You can find out all sorts of things - who your lawmakers are, their contact info, how they have voted on certain issues, etc. You can drop them emails letting them know that discrimination is wrong!

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