Friday, April 16, 2004

WAIT is a dirty 4 letter word

Looks like we're not going to get the results from Tai's labs until next week. Ugh. I don't like to wait. I'm not good at it. Oh well. Don't have much choice.

On a bright note, the boys brought home their report cards. Both did very well, so we took the kids to IHOP for dinner, sugared them up, then took them to the park to run it off. For a while, we thought we might have to leave before we even got our food, but the kids finally settled down. They had fun at the park. The first thing D did when she got there was give a total stranger (an adult woman) a kiss on the forehead. Suppose we're going to have some boundary issues to discuss? LOL D made some friends (the same woman's children), and the boys played ball with Tai and I. It was fun, and we're hopeful that it wore them out.

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