Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Picture day...

It's the dreaded (looked forward to?) Picture Day at school. This means an hour and a half long fight with the oldest to get him to wear something nice, and an hour and a half of primping for the kindergartener. Whew - I'm glad that's over.

Beyond that, I've spent my day chitchatting with friends online and making/helping D clean her room. She's on day five of cleaning and there's no end in sight. I finally told her that as soon as she was finished cleaning her room, she could eat lunch. Well, her usual lunch hour is an hour and a half ago, and she's still not done. I'm sure she'll get hungry enough to clean soon. I figure it's fair - I didn't tell her she couldn't have lunch. Just that she could have it when she finished her room. *sigh* It beats the heck out of stringing her up by her toes from the ceiling fan and beating her with a Louisville Slugger as she goes round, right? (No need to worry, Internet - we have neither a ceiling fan OR a baseball bat of any kind...it was a joke.)

Anyhow, that's what's going on around here.

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