Thursday, March 11, 2004

Too negative for my taste...

So I've realized lately that I've been using my blog too much to vent. I don't write down the positive changes that we've seen in the kids since we got them in October. So here goes:

P (five-year-old)
*Can say his alphabet, sometimes missing J and M.
*Throws fewer fits.
*Doesn't scream, "I hate you!" nearly as much.
*Can name most of his colors and shapes.
*Can write his first name.
*Can count to ten with help. (He often tries to go from 3-6, but does ok when reminded of the existance of 4)
*Can count from 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99.
*Is using a wider variety of words, including "consequences"
*Can shower by himself, with Mom or Dad only giving him the shampoo.
*Does an awesome job of cleaning his room when he's in the mood.
*Does an excellent job of making his bed.
*Is starting to put words together when given the sounds of the letters.
*Behaves himself at school nearly all the time.
*Is doing better with telling people how he feels with words rather than fists.
*Can brush his teeth by himself.
*Can hold a pencil appropriately.
*Can give you his address, including house number, street, apartment number, city and state!

D (three-year-old)
*Knows nearly all of her basic shapes.
*Knows nearly all of her basic colors.
*Usually recognizes (in written form): her 1st, middle, and last name, her brothers' names, and Mommy & Daddy.
*Can name several letters of the alphabet.
*Can count to 10, sometimes having the same issues with that as P.
*Throws many fewer fits.
*Her fits are much shorter-lived.
*Is happy to help clean the house.
*Can shower by herself, if Mom or Dad shampoos her hair.
*Can brush her teeth by herself, if someone puts her toothpaste on the brush.
*Can dress herself.
*Can put her shoes on by herself.
*Can hold a pencil appropriately.
*Is expanding her vocabulary quite a bit.
*Is learning to share and compromise.
*Is learning how to use the computer.
*Can give you her Mommy & Daddy's names...first and last.
*Is walking up stairs like a real grown up little girl. One foot on each step!
*Is very understandable now when she speaks.

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