Saturday, March 20, 2004

More Preparation

Well, I went to Walmart last night in hopes to prepare more for the coming of the Not-Quite-Mother-In-Law. Picked up some fabric to re-do the kitchen chairs. Our first attempt turned out lovely...and I use the term "our" loosely - this was Tai's project - but the cloth we had on hand last time shows every single spill that has ever occurred on it. And with three kids, that's a lot of spills. After taking the carpet shampooer to the chairs on a couple of occasions, we've decided that perhaps it would be easier to re-do them. Thus, I picked out a lovely shade of brown vinyl type stuff. They may not turn out to be the most beautiful chairs in the history of mankind, but they will most certainly look better than they do now! I also picked up some cloth that matches D's "Crazy Daisy" comforter and pillow sham. Thought the fabric would make a great valance for her window. Which of course meant that I had to pick one out for the boys, as well. They got a dark blue/black/night sky looking fabric for theirs. Like Tai has nothing better to do than sew curtains. Yes, he is the owner of the sewing machine. This shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me. So I'll sit back and take credit along with him - we made this, we made that - and I'll be lying. But hey, I did pick out the fabric!

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