Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Tell me the sense in this

Ok, so Virginia doesn't allow same-sex marriages. No surprise there, of course. But I just found out that it also bans insurance companies from providing benefits to the insured's same-sex partner. What is the sense in this?! You're gay, so you aren't allowed to have insurance?! You're gay, so you don't deserve medical care?! We already have a bit of a crisis on our hands in this country with the sheer number of people who are uninsured. Why on earth would a state decide that even when insurance companies are willing to provide same-sex partner benefits, they aren't allowed to? What is the world coming to? One would think that any state would be glad to have companies insuring its citizens...think of the expenses it could potentially save the state! But nooooo...they have to reinforce the "ideal" that couplehood is between a man and a woman - no matter what the price. I really, really hate discrimination. Especially if it's government sanctioned, and even moreso if it's government imposed.

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