Monday, February 23, 2004

Now we're in trouble...

So it looks like someone is finally moving into the apartment next to ours. (I was being snoopy.) There was a UHaul parked in front of the building yesterday, and I noticed a changing table and some kid it looks like whoever is moving in has kids. That's good. Maybe they'll understand why our apartment is so darn loud all the time. LOL It totally amazes me the amount of noise three children can make. Even when they are behaving and actually being NICE to one another, (Yes, it's known to happen occasionally.) they're still as loud as can be.

Anyway, on to a completely different topic. Tai is such an odd duck. He tells me he's happy that I've started up this blog. Apparantly, journals enourage self-understanding or some such, and he's all for that. He tells me that as a stay-at-home mom (me, not him) he's glad when I pick up new hobbies that keep my mind active, or encourage any kind of self-improvement, etc. And this counts! And here I thought this was just a good way to hide from the kids for a few minutes a day. LOL Oh well...I'm glad it makes him happy. Of course, so did my picking up writing and posting poetry, and my buying and using my Gazelle. It's nice that he's so easy to impress. ;o) I shouldn't tease. I love the man dearly.

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