Sunday, February 29, 2004

Homework time...

Wouldn't you know...I decided that a fun "project" to go along with A's book report on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer would be to make a coloring page booklet for each of the kids in his class. First, we ran out of ink, and Walmart didn't have any HP ink at all. So we bought a refill kit - not meant to refill the particular cartridge type that we have. That seems to be working ok. But then the printer decided that it doesn't like to make more than three copies at a time. I need 24 copies of each of four pages. Most recently, it's been eating paper and growling at me. I think it's possessed. The book report is due tomorrow. That'll teach me to wait for the last minute to help A with an assignment! This is going to be a long night, I fear.

On a bright note, it was an absolutely beautiful day today, and we were able to take the kids to a national park in the area. The kids love the freedom of being able to run a bit ahead or lag a big behind on the trails. Plus, of course, they get to carry around big sticks, which isn't an everyday occurance. They enjoyed it. We try to take a family outing every weekend. We've checked out several parks in the area, been to Chuck E Cheese, been to see several monuments in DC, been to an art museum, and been to a children's museum. The kids are being exposed to a lot of different things, and that makes Tai and I happy. It's wonderful to be with a man who doesn't mind leaving the house on the weekends.

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