Saturday, February 21, 2004

Children for sale!

Three for a dollar with a five dollar rebate! Ok, so that doesn't make me sound like a loving mother, but sometimes, I have to admit, they just drive me batty! So in all honesty, I don't want to sell my kids, but I sure wish that they came with an off switch. All three have been doing awesome impressions of demons all day - must be some weather coming in. At least that's what Tai blames their behavior on. I'm not sure how much I believe it, but looking back, it does seem they start really acting up right before it snows or storms.

So I forgot to mention in my introduction that we have two new pets. Lenny and Squiggy were added to our family at the beginning of the week. They're adorable, relatively clean, quiet, and so un-like the children that I think we'll be able to keep 'em around for a while. They're gerbils. We weren't exactly sure which variety of pet we were looking for when we went to the pet store - all we knew is that we (Ok, I) wanted furries. In order to avoid paying a non-refundable pet deposit plus a monthly "pet rent," we had to choose an animal that would be caged...and it turned out to be gerbils. One would think that gerbils would be relatively inexpensive, considering the animals themselves only cost about $8 apiece. But, of course, we couldn't buy them a plain old boring cage...we decided on a mansion. This sucker has five floors, plus tubes and extra hidey-holes, and...well...let's say that our cheap pets ended up costing us right around $150. Oh, that did include a mode of transportation for each of them - and let me tell you, Squiggy really enjoys his little plastic ball.

The idea of having pets was so that the kids would have animals to play with and take care of. But there is an issue with this: the children are demons. There is no possible way that the poor gerbils would survive an actual hands-on encounter with either P or D...and A? Well, let's just say that A is a little skittish when it comes to the gerbils. They move, and he jumps. Oh, he loves to watch them from a distance. Or even from up close as long as they are in their balls. But you get 'em out of their cage, and he won't come near them. My brave little boy.

Well, time for dinner.

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